Hello and welcome!

Welcome to the Comet Matrix Wikia! This wiki was created by Cherrybombed, who originally made it as a coding test. Since then, this wiki has turned into more of a hangout wiki, where you can make pages for your characters and stories, and even test out code yourself! So, feel free to hang out in the chat or on the forums, or even make a page!

Wiki Statistics:

  • This wiki was founded April 30th, 2016.
  • There are currently 2,290 pages, 31 are articles.
  • There are also currently 491 files.
  • 6,287 edits have been made on this wiki.
  • There are 2 active users.

Affiliated Wikis:

If you'd like to be an affiliated wiki, feel free to request via Cherry's message wall!

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