Do not edit other people's pages without their permission
Sexual innuendos are allowed, but nothing too explicit
Small textart is allowed, but if it fills the chat or the space it's posted then it is not. (Posting textart on your userpage is allowed, however, no matter the size.)
Do not spam
Do not encourage raiding or start raids
Not respecting what someone likes to be called namewise or genderwise can result in a ban
COPPA is not enforced, do not believe anyone who says it is
Joke kicks and bans are allowed, but if the ban/kick recipient shows they're being annoyed or says "stop", then do so
Please do not leave the same message on someone's wall repeatedly, or rather genuinely saying the same thing over and over
Do not intrude threads. Ever. At all. No matter what.

Page Making
When creating an interpretation page, please write the name of the character and in parenthesis, your username, an example is "Spongebob (SomeUsername123)"
Please put effort into your page, if there are only two sentences, we have every right to delete it.

Chat Rules
Please do not post links to screamers or NSFW
Please keep ERPs in PMs
RPs are allowed as long as it's more than two people roleplaying and there is at least one mod in the chat.

Chat Ban Policy
First offense - kick
Second offense - banned for two hours
Every offense after that, the time banned goes up.

Block Policy
First offense - warning
Second offense - blocked for two hours
Every offense after that, the time blocked goes up
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