Created by Her The date was September 30th, and it was a Friday night. The air was freezing cold as the skies seemed to fall apart. It was raining pretty badly outside which is where I was. You could hear the thunder and lightening all around you. You couldn't even see the sun. It was dark, really dark. But I liked it that way. I didn't like staying at home. My parents don't seem to care about me, they stopped a couple years ago. I kept my father out of my life because I felt he was a bad influence. Before I was born he had been to jail. His whole side of the family was bad in my opinion. I could tell, it seemed everyone on his side of the family either had a mental illness, mental disorder, or both. If it weren't for him, I don't think I would be the way I am. My mom on the other hand was a great mom. She cared a lot about me and got me the help I needed. I’d been diagnosed with four disorders and one mental illness. I received my first diagnosis at the age of five, being ADHD. I’d have therapy every other week and the lady was really nice too. But thats the past, everything has faded as it seems. I suffer depression, but I don't think many people understand it. I continued to walk as the rain downed on me. It didn't bother me though. I sat down on my door step where there was a thing above it to keep the rain off the top two steps. I decided that now would be the best time to cry. Nobody would notice, since nobody would hear me. The thunder and patter of the rain consumed the sound. Nobody would be able to tell either. Since it was raining and well my tears would go along with the droplets from the sky. I sighed, and tried not to think about my thoughts to much.

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